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By Costantino Spinosa

One of the more unique documents at the KSCD library is ironically one that has little to do with insurance. A concert program from March 7th, 1888 in Danbury, Connecticut (see below) was donated to the College of Insurance by former composer, radio music executive, and writer Carl Miller of New York City. Listed on the program is the name of an often overlooked musician and insurance executive, Charles Ives. My research has found little on Ives’ insurance career; his career in music, however, has overtime gained the respect of many writers and musicians. Ives, who was once declared a “musical genius” at the young age of 13 by an 1888 Danbury newspaper, appears to have been forgotten for nearly a century after his days as a musical prodigy.[1] Only in October of 1974 were Ives’ musical talents honored at the “Charles Ives Centennial Festival-Conference” that took place in New York and Connecticut.[2] The conference was devoted to many impacts that Ives’ music had both domestically in the US and abroad, which influenced the authorship of books throughout the 1970s such as Charles Ives and the American mind(1974) by Rosalie Sandra Perry and A Garland for Charles Ives (1975) by Aaron Copland, just to name a few.

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Charles Ives Concert Program