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Two unique books in the Davis Library’s collection are children’s books aimed at fire prevention. They contain some frightening images of what can happen if children are careless with fire safety. Valine Hobbs, the author of “Sparks: Fire Prevention Rhymes and Stories” published in 1926, wrote her book based upon the experiences of teaching her own third and fourth grade children. She writes that the purpose of the book is, “to present to small children most of the careless habits which, if indulged in will lead to ruin and sorrow.”

Sparks Fire Prevention Rhymes and Stories - book cover sparks021

The other book was written by Hallie L. Jameson, formerly state supervisor of English, Austin, Texas. “The Flame Fiend: A Text-Book on Fire Prevention” published in 1921, was written for a slightly older group of schoolchildren, and includes an entire chapter on insurance. theflamefiendtheflamefiend011