This month we are featuring a selection of 18th century marine insurance policies. These are some of the earliest marine policies in the Davis Library’s collection. Check back each week for another document.

On January 20, 1775, New York merchant David Van Horne purchased an insurance policy from the Old Insurance Office in New York. This policy insured the body, tackle, apparel, ordnance, munition, artillery, boat and other furniture of and in the Brigantine Elizabeth, with John Young serving as master for the voyage at and from New York to Liverpool.

The policy covered many “adventures and perils” including, “the seas, men of war, fire, enemies, pyrates, rovers, thieves, jettizons, letters of mart and countermart, surprisals, takings at sea, baratry of the master and mariners, and all other perils, losses and misfortunes, that have or shall come to the hurt, detriment or damage of the said vessel and appurtenances.”

marine insurance policy 1775 front marine insurance policy 1775 bacj

KSCD Library – Policy ID #1004