This policy of insurance, dated October 10, 1798, was taken out upon the life of John Hardy of Heaton Norris in the County of Lancaster, a muslin manufacturer, age 34 years old. The beneficiary was Thomas Dewhurst of Marple in the County of Chester, who agreed to pay three pounds and six pence each year through 1805 for as long as John Hardy lived. If Mr. Hardy did not survive the term of the policy, Mr. Dewhurst would receive one hundred and fifty pounds from the Royal Exchange Assurance. The policy would be void if at any time during the term of the policy, Mr. Hardy departed beyond the limits of Europe, died upon the seas, or entered into or engaged in any military or naval service.

Three receipts accompany this policy, each dated October 10th of 1802, 1803, and 1804, documenting several of Mr. Dewhurst’s annual payments towards the life insurance policy upon Mr. Hardy. Each of the documents is stamped; the policy contains a papered seal.