Last week we featured a life insurance policy taken out by Thomas Dewhurst on the life of John Hardy. This week’s featured policy is another purchased by Mr. Dewhurst from the Royal Exchange Assurance, this time upon the life of Alexander Hunt, a 38 year old cotton spinner from Chinley near Chapel en le Frith in the County of Derbyshire. Like in the case of John Hardy, if Alexander Hunt departed beyond the limits of Europe, died upon the seas, or entered into or engaged in any military or naval service, the policy would be void.

The policy is dated January 12, 1799, and is accompanied by 12 receipts dated between 1803 and 1814. The receipt dated 1805 is the last one for the policy on Alexander Hunt (policy #5816). The receipts dated 1806 through 1814 are all for policy # 8014 on the life of Betty Hunt, probably Alexander’s wife. Although we do not have the original policy on Betty’s life, the receipts show that Thomas Dewhurst made annual payments of 15 pounds, 6 shillings, and 3 pence for a policy worth 500 pounds. This was higher than the premium of 3 pounds, 2 shillings, and 9 pence paid annual for the 150 pound policy on Alexander’s life.policy_box01_018receipt_bettyreceipt_alexander