engraving, life insurance policy 1791

On July 30, 1791, Mr. Robert Wilson of Glasgow, leather cutter, paid 19 shillings and four pence, and agreed to pay a yearly premium of sixteen shillings, to the Phoenix Assurance Company of London to insure against loss by fire his property up to 750 pounds. This property included,

“His now dwelling house and shop communicating situate on the north side of Bridge Gate Street 150 pounds stock in trade therein, 160 pounds household goods and linen therein, 40 pounds wearing apparel therein, 20 pounds stock not hazardous in a cellar near, 140 pounds stock not hazardous in a cellar situate in ? Land near, 140 pounds all stone and slated and the fourth story and garrets of a tenement timber and slated in tenure of ___ situate on the west side of the salt market 100 pounds all in Glasgow aforesaid.”

This document has a beautiful engraving of a female figure holding a shield with a phoenix on it, in front of a scene of firefighters pumping water from an old-fashioned fire truck onto a burning building.