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fire insurance policy 1796 frontAbraham Codington purchased an insurance policy for $34.38 on August 22, 1796 from the Mutual Assurance Company for Insuring Houses from Loss by Fire in New-York. The policy protected his home for up to $1,250 during a term of seven years. Codington’s property included,

“his dwelling house and back building No. 41 in Barclay Street bounded east by Moore Tuties framed house, rear the yard and college yards, west by George Beaumans framed house, as described in the surveyors report No. 1615 Book D Folio 86 and are classed in the sixth rate of insurances…”

fire insurance policy 1796 seal

This document has a starburst-shaped papered seal near the bottom, and an engraving at the top, depicting a scene of a burning building with firefighters pumping water from an old fashioned fire truck. The engraving is signed by P.R. Maverick, 65 Liberty Street.

fire insurance policy 1796 engravingUnfortunately, this document is in very poor condition. A long ago repair-attempt was made using copious amounts of tape on the reverse, including directly over some of the handwriting. The entire document is brittle and crumbling, and some loss of paper has already occurred in a few places.

fire insurance policy 1796 back