We are often asked which are the earliest published books on insurance in the collection. The oldest book is a volume with a very long title, called “Clarissimi iurisc. Benvenuti Stracchae … De Assecurationibus tractatus in quo præter materiam ipsam bono ordine expositam quaestiones complures quottidianae formulæq́ue loquendi ex vulgari vsu explicantur & litterarum genera & pleraq́ue alia quottidie in foro uersantia vtiliter declarantur…”  which is a treatise on insurance, by Benvenuto Straccha published in Venice in 1569. A copy from another library has been digitized already, and it is available to read in Google Books.

book 1569

The second oldest volume is by the same author, Benvenuti Stracchae, and is a treatise on commercial law, including insurance. It is called “Tractatus de mercatura, seu, Mercatore, omnia quae ad hoc genus pertinent fusissimè complectens…” It was published in Venice in 1575. It can also be read online.

book 1575