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We have another transcription challenge with this second Nicholas Barbon document from the library’s collection.

This document, dated April 11, 1684, appears to be an agreement between Dr. Nicholas Barbon and another individual for the purchase of a house in Devonshire Square. There are two wax seals near Barbon’s signature. There is similar damage to that of the mortgage document featured in the previous blog post, but overall, it is much better condition with no fading of the text.

We are seeking help in transcribing part or all of this 17th century handwritten document. Contact us or leave a comment on this post to contribute your knowledge. (Click on images to zoom in.)


Frank Kelsall, Non-Executive Director, Architectural History Practice Ltd, London, has generously contributed a transcription of this document. We are still interested in further information about Nicholas Barbon and early insurance, so please continue to contribute!

(This transcription includes expanded contractions, modernized spelling and added punctuation and paragraphing to ease understanding.)

Memorandum the 11th of April 1684. It is agreed between Dr Nicholas Barbon of the one part and Edward Noell of the other part, viz.

That the said Dr Nicholas Barbon, in consideration of the sum of seven hundred pounds of lawful money of England to be paid or discharged by the said Edward Noell, shall and will convey release or assign [inserted: or cause to be conveyed, released or assigned] unto the said Edward Noell [inserted: or to such person or persons as he shall direct] all those three leases of those three messuages formerly leased by Mr Jackson and Mr Newman, trustees of the Earl of Devon, unto William Rowley [inserted: trustee for the said Dr Nicholas Barbon] for a term of sixty one years of at several rents, two of the said houses [crossed out: being, lying] being now uncovered and being in the [space left for unstated position] corner of Devonshire Square and the other being cornerwise by the alley leading to Hounsditch;
And that the said [crossed out: Edward] Nicholas Barbon shall and will at his costs lay the stone(s) steps leading up unto the said [inserted: two] corner houses in such manner as the steps leading to the [inserted: said] house [crossed out: leading] by the said alley leading to Hounsditch are now made and set up;

And that the said Mr Noell shall have such materials as are now on the premises in order to the building and finishing the said houses and shall and will at his like costs well and sufficiently roof with good fir deals the said two houses now being uncovered, and shall and will well and truly pay and discharge(d) all rent and arrears thereof due or owing for the said three houses and each of them to the ground landlord thereof at Lady Day last past.

In witness whereof as well the said Nicholas Barbon and the said Edward Noell have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Nicholas Barbon

Sealed and delivered in the presence of
Edward Cartwright

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