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This document is an insurance claim for damage caused by a fire in Exeter, England on September 5, 1772. John Reed, a merchant from Crediton in Devon, Exeter, states here that his buildings were damaged by an accidental fire, that the inventory provided contained a true and faithful account of the damage, that the buildings were not insured in any other office at the time of the fire, and that the damage amounted to the sum of forty four pounds, three shillings, three pence. Below this is a statement by the minister, church warden and other principal inhabitants of Crediton in Devon, Exeter, England certifying that John Reed is “an honest man and of good repute” and that the fire was truly accidental.

On the reverse side of the document is an estimate or inventory of the loss and damage by fire to Mr. John Reed of Exeter on the 5th day of September 1772. At the top of the page is written “Policy 103,347” although no insurer is mentioned. The inventory includes items such as floor board and joyst, roof and thatching, cob, and fine windows and glass.

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