This week’s document is a handwritten declaration of intention to form a fire insurance company in New York City, called the Hendrick Hudson Fire Insurance Company. The declaration is dated June 4, 1863, and contains 22 signatures, most with addresses written lightly next to the name. The text is transcribed below.

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Declaration of Intention to form a Company for Fire Insurance

We the Undersigned hereby give notice of our intention to associate and form an Incorporated Company agreeably to an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York entitled ” An Act to provide for the Incorporation of Fire Insurance Companies” passed June 25th 1853, and the acts ammendatory thereof, for the purpose of transacting the business of making insurance on – dwelling houses, stores and all kinds of buildings, and upon household furniture and other property, against loss or damage by fire, and the risks of inland navigation and transportation; and also for the purpose of transacting the business of making insurance upon vessels, boats, cargoes, goods, merchandise, freights and other property against loss and damage by all or any of the risks of lake, river, canal and inland navigation and transportation; such Company to be known by the name or style of The Hendrick Hudson Fire Insurance Company and to be located in the City of New York.

New York 4th June 1863

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