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This week we have two travel insurance tickets from the collection that were purchased by R. H. Belden of Hartsfield, Massachusetts in 1867. The first ticket is from the Provident Life Insurance & Investment Co. of Chicago, Illinois. The ticket, which cost 10 cents, was good for 1 day, from 12 noon on the day of the ticket stamp date. This travel insurance ticket would pay $15 per week in case of personal injury causing total disability for up to 26 weeks, or $3,000 to his heirs upon his death, due to an accident on any public transportation while in the United States or British North American possessions, excluding War Risk.

ticket_provident_side1ticket_provident_side2The second travel insurance ticket purchased by Belden, also for 10 cents, was from the Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut one month later. The terms of insurance were almost identical to the first ticket. The front of the Travelers ticket suggests Belden took the North Bennington – Troy & Boston Railroad.