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This Statement of Death and Emergency Funds from the Bay State Beneficiary Association of Westfield, Massachusetts, was published on October 10, 1887. It details company’s assessments and emergency funds and also includes the names of the recently deceased who had death claims paid for them, listed along with the disease they suffered from, providing genealogical information to researchers. Bay State also uses this statement to advertise, illustrating how their rates are lower than the “old-line” companies.

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bay_state_001La Fayette F. Robinson, Medina, N. Y. Pneumonia, 5,000.00
James E. Vose, Ashburnham, Mass., Anemia, 5,000.00
Daniel Alexander, Lee, Mass., Acute Tuberculosis 5,000.00
Alberti C. Steward, Peterboro, N. H. Stricture of Oesophagus 5,000.00
E. Edwards Allen, Florence, Mass., Paralysis, 5,000.00
William W. Dewey, Lowville, N. Y. Cirrhosis of Liver, 5,000.00
Elizabeth Ladue, Springfield, Mass., Pneumonia, 1,000.00
Albert S. Mowry, Nantucket Mass., Brights Disease, 2,000.00